"This season at Ally we are creating conversations at the intersection of borders and belonging,
exploring what happens when borders, be they physical, structural, psychological, or spiritual, are created in our lives and communities
and how they affect our ability to survive and thrive because of and in spite of those barriers."
- Ivana (Tai) Alexander, Managing Director

the war boyS   dhana and the rosebuds   Rasheeda speaking
by Naomi Wallace
Directed by Matt Ripa
AUGUST 9 - 31, 2019
Joe's Movement Emporium
  devised and created by federica cellini
NOVEMBER 1 - 23, 2019
Joe's Movement Emporium
    by joel drake johnson
Directed by Ty Hallmark
MARCH 6 - 22, 2020
Joe's Movement Emporium


by Hope Villanueva
Directed by Megan Behm
February 22 - March 16 2019

PERFORMANCES: Friday-Sunday | Friday & Saturday @ 8PM | Saturdays @ 2:30PM | Sundays @ 4:00PM
LIMITED SEATING: 30 seats per house; first 10 seats for each show only $15.

Three highschoolers are the queens of their school until Danielle arrives. When she catches the eye of one of their exes just before the Winter formal, they decide to keep their friend close and their enemy closer, manipulating her emails, social media, and relationships. When their mean-spirited plan for revenge goes far out of control, the repercussions of their choices will follow all of them for the rest of their lives.

Drama. Recommended for ages 13 and up.
CONTENT WARNING: Sexual assault, self-harm, eating disorders
STARRING: Danielle Scott, Marley Kabin, Julieta Gozalo, Lori Pitts, and Jonathan Miot


by Jennifer Mendenhall
Directed by Angelisa Gillyard
June 23-July 21, 2018

PERFORMANCES: Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 8PM | Matinees at 2PM on Saturday and 4PM on Sunday

A young competitive swimmer is drowning in the shocking videos flooding her news feed. A beloved figure surfaces from the past to set the stage for his family’s story. Siblings share long-buried memories and honor their father’s courage in the face of discrimination. And the surprising truth of the doggy paddle is revealed... #poolparty sheds light on an unexpected invitation that launches the family into motion: the discovery of historical documents at a private swim club leads to a reckoning with the past. Ally Theatre Company dives into the strange history of swimming pools and confronts the gates that still slam shut today.

Six actors evoke a host of vivid characters, swirling around the family at the heart of #poolparty. In a myth-busting demonstration of the fallacy of race, they flip from role to role – across type, time, and space – exposing the fatal consequences of racial prejudice: How can you breathe when your head is always under water? ​

Drama. Recommended for ages 13 and up.
STARRING: Shaquille Stewart, Keith Irby, Ivana (Tai) Alexander, Eli-El, Jonathan Miot, and Lori Pitts


by Tracey Conyer Lee
Directed by Kenyatta Rogers
January 12-28 2018

PERFORMANCES: Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 8PM | Matinees at 2PM on Saturday and 4PM on Sunday

Rabbit Summer, a world premier tragicomedy, examines the fracture point of a marriage and a friendship. There’s Ruby and her husband Wilson, who idealizes his manhood, his marriage, and his job as a cop. He smiles through pain Ruby wishes he would share. Ruby’s childhood friend, Claire, joins the household after her husband is shot by a white officer, pitting black against blue, gun rights against police brutality, manhood against fatherhood, and love against need. The trio battle individually to live their personal truths in an America built on lies.

Drama. Recommended for ages 13 and up.
STARRING: Tamieka Chavis, Jeremy Keith Hunter, and Michelle Rogers

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