Welcome to Sis's
by Doug Robinson
Directed by Angelisa Gillyard
May 3-5 2019
It's Friday night in North Brentwood and anybody who's anybody knows the spot to be is Sis's Tavern. Sis, Margaret, Willie, and Sterling are all on hand to prep for a busy night, but when James doesn't show on time, tensions begin to rise. Set in the 1940s, Welcome to Sis's shines a light on one community's ability to survive and thrive amidst the turbulent backdrop of racist housing codes and local dividing lines which played out across the country's neighborhoods and still affects us today.

The War Boys
by Naomi Wallace
Directed by Matt Ripa
August 9-31, 2019
In their spare time three vigilantes, childhood friends, enjoy patrolling the U.S./Mexican border. But these youths soon learn that even the most guarded borders are permeable. When the lines between fantasy and reality become dangerously blurred, these young men are forced to decide what it means to be an American, and who has the right to belong.

Dhana and the Rosebuds
Created and devised by Federica Cellini
November 1-23, 2019
Dhana and the Rosebuds, follows a young Syrian woman pursuing her science career in NYC as she tries to forget her complicated past. But when she thinks she recognizes her estranged grandmother on a TV news report highlighting Syrian refugees crossing the Macedonia/Serbia border, she decides to go find her. Her international journey results in a spiritual rediscovery of her roots, her identity, and the reason why she left it all behind.

Rasheeda Speaking
by Joel Drake Johnson
Directed by Ty Hallmark
March 6-22, 2019
This tense workplace thriller examines the realities of so-called "post-racial" {America} when two co-workers - one black, the other white - are driven apart by the machinations of their boss. A chilling power struggle ensues that spins wildly out of control. Rasheeda Speaking is an incisive and shocking dark comedy that keeps you in its claustrophobic grip until the final moment.

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